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Detailed introduction to distinguish between Oled In-Cell screen and TFT In-Cell screen

Because of the huge demands for different mobile phone screens in the aftermarket, as well as the reduction of raw materials and supplies, the phenomenon of using TFT in-cell screens to pretend to be OLED in-cell screens have appeared in the aftermarket. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to distinguish between these two screens. Today, we conducted a detailed test on these two qualities, the differences of them are as below:   Overall thickness: the thickness of the TFT In-Cell


              It’ s no secret that Phone Lcd Screens and Cell Phone Parts market is difficult to break into, especially if you’re a beginner. After all, there are various qualities in the China Mobile Phone Lcd Screens and Cell Phone Parts market. Mobile phones are constantly being updated, and then the LCD screens of mobile phones are also changing, so more quality options are created to suit the public. If you’ re looking to be a super big wholesaler in

Some Basic Knowledge About LCD Market You Need To Know

Nowaday, mobile phone is the most inseparable thing for us,You can get an idea of lcd screen huge potential market.LCD businesses from all over the world have new demands every day. If you want to grow your business and build your own brand, it is important to make your brand stand out. Where to start?Sales of high quality products, to meet the needs of different levels of customers, and provide good after-sales service, to safeguard the interests of customers. The

Take you in-depth understanding of the LCD market and distinguish the quality of LCD

LCD--liquid crystal display. LCD is widely used in various fields such as televisions, mobile phones, and computer monitors. China, as the largest country in the world for smart phones, the development and changes of smart phones have become the global mainstream. In the early years, there were few large-screen mobile phones in China. Large-screen mobile phones have better visual effects than small-screen mobile phones,can better realize functions such as playing games and watching videos as well. Therefore, large-screen mobile phones

Hong Kong International Electronics Fair

The Hong Kong International Electronics Fair is held twice a year in April and October. It is also called “Spring Electronics Fair” and “Autumn Electronics Fair”. It is one of the largest exhibitions in the world. Big businessmen and big buyers from all over the world gather in Hong Kong during the two months of each year. As the world’s largest electronics exhibition, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair is a large-scale international electronics exhibition that attracts exhibitors from all over

iPhone’s OLED flexible screen and OLED hard screen

Flexible screen: 1. The flexible screen does not have poor functionality such as broken screens and uneven color of the screen. 2. The display AA area fully reaches the 5.8-inch display screen. 3. The flexible screen is thin in thickness and light in weight.   Hard screen: 1. Hard OLED is explosive screen, a little bit of squeezing will cause the screen to burst or appear black screen, display abnormality, screen skipping and other functions. 2. Hard OLED display pigment

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